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    I wasn't sure where to post this because it's not exactly nursing related but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this.

    I'm a new grad RN trying to find something to do with my time so I'm turning to volunteering which I have done before. Most hospitals want a six month commitment and I'm afraid it will look bad to not be able to fully commit. I think they will ask me about what I would do if I got a job as a RN (which i hope to get out of state, then i definitely can't commit). I also think they will ask if i'm just doing it to get my foot in the door, which isn't exactly the case. Should I be up front about all of this during my interview? Any tips on what to say? thanks!

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    I would be up front about everything. Who knows, maybe one day you will want a job there. They may like that your honest, and may still want your help. Try to find out if the hospital wants their volunteers to complete a certain ammount of hours. The hospital I volunteer for requires that volunteers put in 100 hrs within one year, and if you have nothing else to do but volunteer, that can be done within a month or so. That might help you get in as a volunteer and ease the volunteer department about you possibly leaving. Just a suggestion. Good luck in everything and congrats on graduating!

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