Tell me about yourself...ugh!

  1. I hate this interview question. The reason I hate it is honestly not only do I not know what to say; but if they want to know great things I have's hard for me. I am not a "horn tooter" (a lot of the great things I have done, I figure it's just part of the job description and nothing special). So, all you recruiter/manager types...what are you looking for with that question? Do you want to know about me, why I am interested in the job, etc.?
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  3. by   tokiya
    Basically an integral part of an interview. Interviewers are trained to look for strengths and weaknesses of a possible candidate deserving employment. How one speaks, gesticulates, content of responses give the HR personnel or employer an insight of the person which may not be seen on the submitted Resume.

    It is also an opportunity to validate the contents of the CV.
  4. by   Nurseadam
    That question's answer is an overview about you, and the whole interview..

    "I'm someone who's ambitious, motivated and at my best with everything I do. my communication skills are great, i work good under pressure, I'm confident with my skills, and nursing is my passion...."

    something like that..