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    Can anyone give information regarding this type on interview style? I have read posts on this site about people failing this type of interview....can anyone elaborate on how you could fail this style or what that means in regards to failing it? Less/more interviewee talking? From what I have researched, it appears to be behavior based questions, which seem standard..??


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    No doubt I am out of the loop, but what is a "Talent Plus Interview Style"?
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    Well I'm guessing you come out in your tap dance uniform and sing while you dance a jig. Then in the next round you put on you pagent dress and are asked a question...something along the lines of "Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?" Then you come out in your swimsuit and run a mock code while showing off your assets as the Doctors rate you on a 1-10 scale.

    But seriously....I have never heard of this type of interview.
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    Quote from Angels_wearScrubs
    But seriously....I have never heard of this type of interview.
    Thank you! I thought I must be waaaay more behind than I ever imagined!
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    Perhaps some sample questions would be helpful? "Behavior based questions" could mean nursing behaviors, interpersonal, etc.. So, OP--can you give a little more info?
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    I did a Google search myself. There actually is a post on allnurses from a couple of years ago about this very thing. Also, talentplus has info that you might find helpful
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    It's a behavioral interview. I had one several months back and I must have done something right because I got the job. Lots of:

    "Can you tell me a time when..."

    "How would you feel if..."

    That sort of thing. Nothing you can really "prepare" for. Just think of examples of how you handled situations in the past.
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    Well, you can call a recruiter at any reputable staffing agency and ask them for advice. Some even have mock interview. See if you are manage to arrange that. Gather as many standard interview questions as possible. Ask them about interview styles and what type of answers they'd be looking for. Also the internet has numerous websites that have the answers. Remember, all these interviewers are asking questions from the textbooks that they studies. It can't be top secret. Era of quick access to information. I just created a name for the era. hehehe
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    Oh I just remembered. Try www.ask.com, or www.justanswer.com, or www.ehow.com.
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    My friend had one and said it was crazy lol the questions were more personality questions. Really obscure but she ended up getting the job. Just be honest and yourself and be calm.

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