The suspense is killing me!

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    Hi all,

    I'm a new graduate nurse (waiting to sit for my RN boards). I posted yesterday about having an interview at the hospital in the unit I precepted in (with the charge nurse). It was my 3RD interview (a panel) and it went really well. The HR person discussed pay, benefits, and orientation for new employees. Prior to the interview, two employees of the hospital (both my nursing instructors) called on my behalf. The nurse manager told me that she "usually wouldn't even consider a new grad for a critical care unit, however, you spent five years in law enforcement, so that shows me you can critically think. In addition, you come with rave reviews from my staff".

    They told me I should hear from them within the next 2-3 days. Does this sound positive? I guess I will call by Monday if I haven't heard... any thoughts while I sweat?
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    did you get the job??
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    Probably. Good luck. If you have been spit on by perps you will handle nursing just fine!
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    YES I did, I found out the next day after this post

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