Sample Interview Questions

  1. I recently had an interview and thought I would share some questions I was asked.

    1. Describe a time you were unable to meet the needs of a patient, how did you respond, what was the outcome?

    2. Describe a time you were able to meets the needs of a patient more quickly then expected?

    3. Describe a time you worked in a team and faced conflict. What was the conflict and what role did you play?

    4. Please describe your duties at your current/most recent job? Why did you leave your most recent job?

    5. Describe how you interact when you first enter a new group? What role do you play? and How do you build relationships with the group members? - I had the most difficult time with this one, the "how do you build relationships with group members," I had to describe specific things I did and i could not remember.
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  3. by   vampymegs
    wow, thank you for sharing, these are incredibly helpful!
  4. by   ChrissyRN74
    Thanks for sharing! They are actually great questions.
  5. by   Harvinderk
    I just remembered another one!!!

    6. Describe a time you had to change the way you were completing an assignment/task because it was no longer working. What was the task, how did you change it, and what was the outcome? This was difficult too!!
  6. by   shellybean
    Wow - thank you very much for posting those! I am graduating soon - and I have no idea what to expect in an interview... thank you!
    Did yo uget the job??? Those seem like pretty difficult questions to answer on the spot :/
  7. by   phlox
  8. by   Reese0608
    thank you for posting!!