Really weird interview... When to call back?

  1. Hi guys,

    So, I graduated in Dec 2010 with my BSN. I had some person family issues and I couldn't take the NCLEX at that time. I took it March 2013 for the first time and passed! yay.

    Well, now that I am applying for jobs... I think i've applied to at least 50 different positions (only those that require 0-1 year experience). I've only gotten 1 interview call. I went to that interview and it was the weirdest thing ever.

    1st, the job description stated that the position was for a telemetry unit. When I got there, the HR woman asked me why I chose "oncology".... Keep in mind that I'm desperate for a job because no one in my family is working right now. So, I told her why I was interested...even though I didn't even know that it was for an oncology position.

    2nd, the job description stated that it was evening shift. The HR lady asked me if I was ok working nights since it's a rotating shift...wth.... and I still agreed to it.

    Next, she told me that if the Nurse Manager liked me, I would be hired... So, apparently I now had another interview with the Nurse manager on the same day o_O

    I went to meet her. Super nice lady. Agreed with everything I said. Laughed at my jokes. Complemented me repeatedly. Gave me a tour of the unit. Then, she told me that I was going to be interviewed by 2 charge nurses. *headdesk*....

    So, I went and waited in this room for about 15 mins and the 2 charge nurses walked in.
    Started asking me questions. And 1 of them kept challenging my answers because apparently they were too nice. And they all kept asking me what I would do if the doctors yelled at me for no reason...becuz that happens a lot. Not only that, they asked me if I was married (made a joke about how it would be ok for me to work night shift since I wasn't). Asked me how old I was and if I had any siblings...

    Towards the end they all made it seem like I had the job. They welcomed me and congratulated me. The Nurse manager told me that she still had a few people to interview but I should stay positive and walked me out to the main entrance of the building from her office.

    It's been a week and I haven't heard anything back. What am I supposed to do? Should I call now? I sent thank you letters. Or do I wait another week? Or are these people just not interested?

    I'm so confused.
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  3. by   smartypantsnurse
    Weird indeed. I would just call and ask what their status is on filling the position. Congrats on passing your NCLEX! That's an awesome accomplishment I know after I passed mine I felt I could do anything lol. Good luck with the job hunt!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Tough situation. You're desperate for a job, and it sounds like there's some disorganization at that place. If it were me, I might give it a few days before calling back since they still had several candidates to look at. Those interviews, plus any decision making, usually take time. You could send a thank you card or email as a courtesy, but I don't think most employers would be swayed by a phone call asking whether you got the job. Good luck to you!
  5. by   Sfrazilus
    HR sometimes gets their wires crossed. Sometimes they get poor information. Did you confirm with the Nurse Manager that it was Oncology/rotating shift/etc? You should still use the HR rep as your point of contact and bug her about the status of the position (unless the Manager or charge nurses said it was okay to contact them with questions).

    You should definitely be positive. And you should absolutely keep looking. Even if they love you and want to hire you, things happen with budgets and current employees shifting their availability.

    Congrats on the NCLEX!!!
  6. by   bmarg1
    so should I call now or wait until the 2 weeks are over and I don't hear anything? My interview was April 5th.

    Thank you guys for the insight!!
  7. by   five10fevr
    It doesn't hurt to give HR a call or send an email for FU.
  8. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    I would be curious to see what happens with this!