Questions on Portfolio/Resume/Letters of Reference.

  1. I am in the process of preparing for interviewing and wanted to ask a few questions regarding the title.

    The possible interviews are panel interviews including the floor director and other staff members. Would it be wise to create a portfolio where I can include a copy of my resume, cover letter, letters of reference, pertinent education/classes from a previous degree, certificates and pass it along them during the interview? Or should I just have 4-6 copies of my resume, cover letter stapled and pass it along before the interview?

    I really dont know how to go about this issue and would appreciate your advice.

    Thanks in advance,

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  3. by   DnvrOutdoorsRN
    Without a doubt, I'd take the time to set up a portfolio. I'm a new grad, so mine was relatively simple to set up. Divided it into sections one each for my resume and references, letters of recommendation, transcript, certifications ( including printing out my RN license from online), and immunizations (PPD, Hep B, TDap, MMR, Varicella, Flu Vaccine). I wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to say yes to hiring me.

    IMHO it shows the floor director you're a serious candidate for the position, organizied and motivated. If nobody else does it for your position, it makes you stand out that much more.
  4. by   all517
    YES YES YES. Yes. Make a table of contents for the front. Catch my theme :-D I also added a nice inservice I did for my practicum unit and a lengthy concept map.