Psych RN Interviewing on Surgical Floor, help! Psych RN Interviewing on Surgical Floor, help! | allnurses

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Psych RN Interviewing on Surgical Floor, help!

  1. 0 Hi all So, I graduated school 9 months ago, May will make a year. I've been working on an inpatient psych unit & I have an interview on a surgical floor. I've been applying all over looking for a job on a medical unit & I'm so excited for my interview---but I'm nervous as heck. I've gone on two med/surg interviews of which I bombed. My question to you all is what can I do to prepare for the interview. I feel as if I am going to draw a blank when asked scenario questions "what would you do if...." & similar questions along those lines. I feel like I'm definitely not as keen to answering these questions as I was when I first graduated. I really want to do well on my interview. Any advice on what to brush up on?
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    I would google possible scenarios or look them up in a text book. Then prepare your answers mentally and practice in the mirror. Congrats on your interview. Good luck!
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    What I do before interviews is make a list of those "what would you do..", "tell me about a time when...", "how would you handle..."questions and rehearse my answers. Research the hospital and throw some of that info in there. Make a list of questions you have for the interviewer. I don't always think fast on my feet with interviews so going over possible responses to general questions has helped me. I try to act like I'm thinking of a response on the spot so it won't seem so rehearsed, works for me lol!