Post-Interview Question/Advice

  1. I had an interview today where I did my preceptorship. I feel the interview went well, even the NM mentioned to me some things he liked and how well I did after the interview, but he might just do that with everyone! lol

    The interview was in Panel Format: Nurse Manager, Assistant Nurse Manager, Charge Nurse and Charge Nurse night shift.

    Should I send the NM and ANM an email thanking them for their time and telling them how after the interview I feel this is my floor of choice and discuss things we talked during the interview? Or, should I just take them a Thank You Card and write the same info?

    The interview was today, he said they will interview 5 today including me and 4 next week for a few positions, when will be a good time to send this email/thank you card?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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  3. by   julz68
    I had an interview last Friday and sent a Thank You card in the mail that day. I thanked them for taking time out of their busy schedule to interview me and let them know I was eager to start my nursing career and hoped to be able to join their team. I just kept it short and simple. Yesterday I got a call with the job offer and I start orientation next week!
    In my opinion, an actual card sent in the mail stands out more than just an email. It shows you took the time and went out of your way to make sure they know how much you want the job.
    Hope this helps! Good luck!!