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by rn2bhopefully

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Hello all! After months and months of sending out resumes I finally had my first interview today for an RN position on a Med/Surg floor at a local hospital. Let me tell you, I was NERVOUS! But I really wanted the position and... Read More

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    I have one next week and I was hoping to also get some more insight if anyone else has had one.
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    Since I tried to respond back in a private message but can't yet since I have less than 15 posts I figured I would just copy and paste what I wrote about my peer interview today.

    "My peer interview actually went great. Better than I thought it would be. They weren't really harsh and everyone just seemed friendly. It was pretty much the same questions from a regular interview such as weaknesses, strengths, what I could bring to the table... Etc. just remember if they received an award to acknowledge it. Such as best in patient care. Hope this helps. "
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    Hey everyone,

    I have a nurse manager and peer interview coming up. could you please advise during the interview you had, did they asked you a general questions or behavioral as well? for example, situation given and you need to respond of what will you do? also, do they give dosage calculation exam?