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Hello all! After months and months of sending out resumes I finally had my first interview today for an RN position on a Med/Surg floor at a local hospital. Let me tell you, I was NERVOUS! But I... Read More

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    I have one next week and I was hoping to also get some more insight if anyone else has had one.

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    Since I tried to respond back in a private message but can't yet since I have less than 15 posts I figured I would just copy and paste what I wrote about my peer interview today.

    "My peer interview actually went great. Better than I thought it would be. They weren't really harsh and everyone just seemed friendly. It was pretty much the same questions from a regular interview such as weaknesses, strengths, what I could bring to the table... Etc. just remember if they received an award to acknowledge it. Such as best in patient care. Hope this helps. "
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    Hey everyone,

    I have a nurse manager and peer interview coming up. could you please advise during the interview you had, did they asked you a general questions or behavioral as well? for example, situation given and you need to respond of what will you do? also, do they give dosage calculation exam?
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    I had one of these interviews. They ask the typical what are strengths and weaknesses, and they want you to tell them about a difficult situation you had working (or in clinical) and how you handled it.
    At my interview there were some HIPAA questions that were super easy and some legal stuff like "a 60 year old is diagnosed with terminal cancer and his family asks staff not to tell him his diagnosis or prognosis, what do you do"? They are trying to assess critical thinking skills with some of the questions, so be on top of that.

    The interviews are not as scary as they seem. Bring enough resumes and copies of reference letters to pass out to everyone and if you do not get contact information on all of them, then when you send your thank you letter to the NM, mention them all in the letter "please also thank Mary, Sue, and Steph for their time and for a great interview as well" type of remark. if you do get contact info on all of them, send them all thank you notes.

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