Just had interview...need advice

  1. Just had an interview with a specialty peds clinic. I was so nervous but i surprised myself in answering questions even ones i wasn't prepared for effectively. I met with 3 doctors in the practice then i met with the office manager and nurse manger. they loved my resume and background. I think the interview went very well for me being a nervous wreck. I think the only barrier to me getting this job is that im in grad school to be a PNP. One of the MD's thought it may interfere with the position....although the office manger loved that i was furthering my education.
    Also they never mentioned the pay rate...I didn't want to ask during the interview....but do you think they will state what the pay is if an offer is made? I don't want to commit and then later find out i cant afford to work here. Part of the reason i am looking for a new job is that my last one cut my full-time hours down so much.
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    If they make an offer it is perfectly acceptable to express interest and enthusiasm and then ask when you can get together to discuss the compensation package.
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