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Hi everyone. I am currently working through a temp agency, and tomorrow I have an interview at 0800, then I go directly to work. I won't have time to change from "interview clothes" into scrubs before I go into work. Besides, I... Read More

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    No scrubs. Either wear something appropriate or reschedule the interview.

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    I think that a dressy outfit is more appropriate. I have changed in a restroom many times when I am going from one place to the next. I don't think it is appropriate to wear such casual dress to an interview.
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    I typically wear scrubs or casual clothing to nursing interviews, and I usually get the job. Let's face it: if a facility or agency needs warm bodies to fill their open shifts badly enough, they'll hire you regardless of how casual or dressy you look on interview day. And I don't think that scrubs look unprofessional during an interview.
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    I never have a problem with interviewees wearing scrubs. You want to present yourself at your best, and why not show yourself at your best work appearance? I really don't care what you wear outside the hospital anyway as long as your badge isn't on it.
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    Personally, I would change to my scrubs after the interview.
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    Quote from sirI
    Personally, I would change to my scrubs after the interview.
    I agree. The way I see it, you will probably be working in scrubs if you got the job there...but you don't have the job there yet
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    I have overheard managers in two different places say that they would hesitate to hire someone who showed up to an interview in scrubs. IMO it is disrespectful to the person interviewing you, because it tells them that you can't be bothered to dress up. This might not be true, but most managers frankly are not terribly sympathetic to your other obligations. The way they see it, if you truly want the job you will find a way to dress appropriately. I do not mean to come off as harsh, but this is the way I see it.

    Good luck with your interviews
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    I agree that regular clothing is more appropriate for an interview. You can change into scrubs afterwards in a bathroom.
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    I would dress for the interview and change into scrubs in the bathroom at work.

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