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I have an interview scheduled for next week with the nurse manager of an outpatient peds unit for a flu clinic and to support staff during the flu season. I need some advice what to wear and bring I am going to be wearing a... Read More

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    Quote from RNonelove
    Yay I am so happy for you!!!!! That's great! She was probably the one person that you needed to meet to give you that foot in the door! And what do you know something that you preferred ! Sometimes you just need to meet that person! I use to network anywhere I could . In the store and the gym Hahahah. I called nursing recruiters like crazy and one finally called me back! He helped me to even apply to a certain position to get my interview! He was definitely an angel for me!

    I am extremely happy for you ! That's a huge door that opened for you !!

    I am glad that I was able to help!!! Again! Congrats on the door that opened for you!
    thanks so much. I'm praying this leads to something. I will email her (NM of outpatient) on thursday to follow up because she is going on vaca on friday until the end of aug. she told me not to think she forgot about me if I doesnt hear back right away.

    thanks again for your support and encouragement!

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    Anytime!!!!!!! Its an awesome door that opened !!! Keep us updated!!!!
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    Reading your posts made ME smile!

    I'm Southern Baptist and in SC, but if I were in NYC I believe we could work out a weekend option. I did it with a Muslim girl for years. I worked FRI and Sat and any Holidays for her and she worked Suns and Christian Holidays for me. That's why Nursing is so great, you get to love all kinds of people and learn rapidly how to get along.
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    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to let you know I got a job in a pediatric office. Its a secretarial job but his secretaries work more as medical assistants. its only PT and the pays not great but its exposure. its a 1 dr practice and he knows i'm an RN so he'll show me stuff.

    how I got the job: I saw his Mrs at a wedding last night and said I heard the Dr was looking for a secretary, is the job still open? she said to call in the AM. I called @ 11, the day secretary said come in @ 1230 and I had the job by 1245. easier interview ever

    oh and I should mention its only a 6 min walk away from my house. and he's our family pediatrician

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