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Interview attire and what to bring? - page 2

I have an interview scheduled for next week with the nurse manager of an outpatient peds unit for a flu clinic and to support staff during the flu season. I need some advice what to wear and bring ... Read More

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    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to let you know I got a job in a pediatric office. Its a secretarial job but his secretaries work more as medical assistants. its only PT and the pays not great but its exposure. its a 1 dr practice and he knows i'm an RN so he'll show me stuff.

    how I got the job: I saw his Mrs at a wedding last night and said I heard the Dr was looking for a secretary, is the job still open? she said to call in the AM. I called @ 11, the day secretary said come in @ 1230 and I had the job by 1245. easier interview ever

    oh and I should mention its only a 6 min walk away from my house. and he's our family pediatrician