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  1. 0 I have a big interview Thursday with a large city hospital. I know that they are going to meet multiple candidates for this one position and I want to look as polished as possible. My problem is that my body shape looks absolutely awful in a suit ( boxy and frumpy without any shape). I look very nice in an a-line style dress, but I need to cover my leg tattoo, so that's out. My planned outfit is nice black pants, black shell, with my best tailored white lab coat, neatly starched and pressed, my certification and college pins, and blush colored low heels. I hope it's not too casual. I'd rather look like I'm ready to go straight to work, than show up looking awkward in an ill fitting suit. Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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    What position? That is a clue.
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    Clinical reviewer for cardiac surgery department. Working under department of performance improvement. Office and clinical setting.
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    I girl once showed up for a second interview in yoga pants and a tshirt. I heard my boss ask her, "Did you just roll out of bed?" She showed her to the elevator.

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