Interperting interview???

  1. I went on an interview yesterday for a Tele step down unit at my local community hospital. i went dressed professionally , hair down but neat (not overly done) not to much make up on. i first interviewed with HR for about 15 min then met with the DON for the floor. She was very nice and made me feel very comfortable!! She did alot of smiling and noding during interview, which i hear is a good thing. She asked alot of questions (1 of which she asked me to recall a situation from where i presently work at a Nursing home which was sad, idk why but i started to break down about 1 of my dear sweet resident who is no longer with us.. she laughed and said maybe she should of asked for a happy story first lol.. ) Then she asked me to do the same,I asked numerous questions to her which she liked! She then took me for a tour of unit, introduced me to the charge nurse (didnt have time to talk to her bc unit was busy) and introduced me to several other nurses on the unit.. my question is did i blow it by getting upset ??? would she show the unit if she had no desire to hire me?? she also said she had more interviews to do and didnt tell me how long it would take to hear long does it take to get a response back about the job? i also sent a thank you to the HR and DON as soon as i got home..
    praying i get this job!!!!!
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  3. by   boots0890
    i know that getting upset in interview is not a good thing but atleast it shows that i care for my residents!! lol.. this waiting is agonizing!!!
    if anyone has any input i would appreciate it
  4. by   Mom of Diskids
    When I was a DON, I interviewed nurses for open positions. If someone had gotten upset over a patient they had cared for, I would not have held it against them AT ALL!!! I would interpret it as you are a very caring person who obviously chose the correct profession.
  5. by   boots0890
    Thank you!!! i tried really hard not to lol but i really do miss her and cared for her a great deal!!! im really hoping that she is seeing what you and i are !!! i do take a lot of care and pride in my work and wish someone will give me the chance to show it!! Rt now i work at night and find that i dont give the care that i really want to, all i do is give out meds .. I also want to be in a hospital so i can grow as a nurse !!! where i am now, isnt going to get me any further!!
  6. by   Lali1118RN
    Help!!! I interviewed yesterday for icu fellowship and the interview last 15-20 min. I was interviewed by 2 nurses manager from icu. They were extremely nice, but they only asked me 3 questions, and asked me to ask them questions. I asked them about 7 questions, and I asked for a tour they were really happy that I asked for it. They showed me everything and introduced me to the staff. My concern is that in the end she told me to email her next week and ask about the process. She also told me to put on the email things we discuss do she knows who I'm. Is it a bad sign. She said to email her so she can tell the DON about me. I asked how many openings she said 6 and is interviewing 20 people. I'm really anxious about it. This is a dream opportunity. I'm a new-grad no experience. Thank u!!!
  7. by   EricJRN
    Quote from Lali1118RN
    She also told me to put on the email things we discuss do she knows who I'm. Is it a bad sign.

    This part just struck me as really odd. Email me with some details so I remember who you are?

    I don't think that it necessarily means you did poorly, but the manager doesn't come across as someone who I'd enjoy working for.
  8. by   Lali1118RN
    Eric thank you for your response, I really appreciate. She did not say 'so I remember you'
    She said to me: email me next week and mention on the email that you speak 3 languages and you have the acls and so on... She was extremely nice, but I jot sure
    What do u think?