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I just got finished with round 3 of the most frustrating interviews! I was an LPN for 15 years before I went back to school for my RN. I am currently in training for management so I have been... Read More

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    Great topic! As a previous poster already said, as a new graduate I REALLY hope these are some of my competition!

    I was given a bit of advice by one of my friends in HR and it has always stuck with me. Your resume and how you present yourself during an interview should be you at your absolute best. If someone doesn't feel it's important enough to get to their interview on time or does not understand why wearing a suit or dress is important during an interview then I would seriously doubt their level of common sense and/or prioritization skills. How often will this person be late to work and/or not dressed properly if they can't even show up on time and dress correctly for an interview?
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    I busted my ass for my LPN license. Hearing people walk in doing interviews, in pajamas, piercings, and what not annoys the hell outta me... Makes this generation of new nurses look bad. Speaking of which, I have an interview Friday. Wish me luck!
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    I feel the same way, if the interview panel weeds out those who are unable to even care enough to put in a real interview outfit, that narrows the competitive field right away!

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