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I just got finished with round 3 of the most frustrating interviews! I was an LPN for 15 years before I went back to school for my RN. I am currently in training for management so I have been... Read More

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    It is sad that these tips are even necessary. As a non-traditional nursing student pursuing my life's dream I was raised in an atmosphere of respect. Respect for ones self as well as respect for my elders and superiors. I was also raised that while you may not respect the person you should always respect the position. I do not understand why anyone would think it is ok to leave your home to anywhere in pajamas. I am sorry but IMO pajamas are for at home and bed, not going shopping, to school, the doctor's and most especially to a job interview! I also do not go anywhere without make-up but that is my preference.

    I have to wonder what type of nursing school these people are attending to think it is ok to show up to an interview in pajamas, with non human colored hair, piercings and or tattoos showing. In the nursing program I am a part of we are written up and can receive a clinical failure for just about anything but especially for being "out of uniform" which includes human colored hair neatly up in a bun and secure off our collar, one pair of post non-dangle earrings in our ear lobe (if desired), one wedding band (leave the diamond engagement ring at home), white closed back shoes, white plain support hose up to the knee at least, clean white unwrinkled uniform, tattoos covered.

    Nursing is a highly respected profession. If someone has a problem with conforming with the rules of the profession as well as the school and the employer than I suggest applying for a job at the mall where anything goes. For those of us who have followed the rules, conformed to the code and take pride in the profession of nursing, it is embarrassing when others are so disrespectful.

    It is sad to think that these tips are even necessary but thank you for taking the time to write them out, possibly someone can avoid wasting everyones time by taking them to heart.
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    I just wanted to input my two cents regarding make-up... I quit wearing make-up a few years ago and feel like I have freed myself in many ways. I don't feel selfconscoius going out without make-up, i don't have to run out and buy eyeliner or foundation in the event of running out, i don't have to waste hours of my life applying it, and i don't break out so much from clogged pores!!! Furthermore, i no longer compare how good i look compared to other women when in public.. I love not wearing make-up. I'm not quite ready to burn my bra but I don't think I will ever wear make-up again. I like the natural look. Do you think male nurses should wear make-up to their interview? SHEESH!
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    I'm amused by the people taking the makeup advice personally. I interpreted it the common sense way, that's just to wear it if you need it... and I'd say that goes for guys too if you have serious acne discoloration. Don't wear it the rest of the time if you don't want to, but at least disguise some of those imperfections for an interview. I did some hiring at a previous job (not nursing) and if an applicant's face was so broken out, pockmarked, and discolored and the bags under their eyes were ten shades darker than their skin color and hugely puffy, it was hard not to be distracted by their appearance. Sorry. I really do know that's not fair, but it is what it is. When two people are sitting across the table from each other, the face is the most noticeable feature, and if you look like a pizza with burned cheese spots all over it's going to be really hard to see past that. Just a little concealer can go a long way in a situation like that...
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    This post is one of the best posts I have ever read. By posting this, you just gave me an advantage over other applicants when I go on job interviews. Thank you very much. I appreciate you for posting this. You are awesome!
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    Quote from calivianya
    I really do know that's not fair, but it is what it is. When two people are sitting across the table from each other, the face is the most noticeable feature, and if you look like a pizza with burned cheese spots all over it's going to be really hard to see past that. Just a little concealer can go a long way in a situation like that...
    This is one of the saddest things I have ever read. What would you tell your patient with a skin condition, that they won't get hired because of their burnt pizza face? That they have to smear paint on their face just to earn a living? Aren't you then going to expect them to cover that face up when they come to work, because "it's really hard to see past that". Humans don't have perfect skin, and yeah, sometimes we have bags under our eyes.
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    She should understand why people come to a job interview in jeans or with purple hair and a lip ring? Yikes.

    Quote from rntim49
    Wow, get over yourself!! what is it like on the top looking down on everyone else.
    If you think you are lowering yourself doing interviews you should have stayed an LPN. Here is some advise for you. Look for a new profession!!!! you lack empathy and understanding. I am not impressed at all.
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    Great topic! As a previous poster already said, as a new graduate I REALLY hope these are some of my competition!

    I was given a bit of advice by one of my friends in HR and it has always stuck with me. Your resume and how you present yourself during an interview should be you at your absolute best. If someone doesn't feel it's important enough to get to their interview on time or does not understand why wearing a suit or dress is important during an interview then I would seriously doubt their level of common sense and/or prioritization skills. How often will this person be late to work and/or not dressed properly if they can't even show up on time and dress correctly for an interview?
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    I busted my ass for my LPN license. Hearing people walk in doing interviews, in pajamas, piercings, and what not annoys the hell outta me... Makes this generation of new nurses look bad. Speaking of which, I have an interview Friday. Wish me luck!
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    I feel the same way, if the interview panel weeds out those who are unable to even care enough to put in a real interview outfit, that narrows the competitive field right away!
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    I'm a Clinical Supervisor at a Urology clinic and I felt the tone of this post was extremely arrogant as well. Of course there are important tips to interviewing but this person is only in "training" as a manager and already sounds like a tyrant. Managers set the example and if you think you are better than your subordinates you're not going to get very far. Good luck getting any decent nurses to apply for your positions with that attitude. You are attracting the bottom of the barrel it appears.