How to Dress For an Interview (Guy) - Help

  1. I have an interview comping up and I am just not too sure how to dress up. Its a Magnet Hospital, Trauma II/Teaching facility. I know the manager from when I did my preceptorship, so he has seen me in my school uniform and regular clothes.

    Its going to be a Panel Interview, him and some of the staff working in the floor. Should I wear dress pants, dress shirt or should I wear an actual suit? I am a new grad, so I honestly have no idea what to wear. I was thinking that if I wear the suit he/they might think of me as a very materialistic/superficial person; he dresses with dress pants/shirt in the hospital..

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  3. by   PurplejadeRN
    Wear a Suit. It will show as professional, not materialistic. Honestly I don't understand why anyone would go into an interview in anything less than a suit, it is the best way to show you are a serious and professional candidate.
  4. by   HouTx
    Agree. The fact that you took a great deal of effort to look good for the interview? It is a clear expression of how much you want the job. This will also be apparent to your interviewer(s). When I teach 'interviewing skills' to managers, I often remind them that "this is the best that s/he (candidate) will ever look" & then I facilitate a discussion about what it means when applicants come to an interview in scruffy casual clothing, unkempt or even wearing (AWK) flipflops. - don't laugh, it happens all the time.

    There's also the old adage "dress to fit the job you want". Very true. It makes you stand out from the crowd.
  5. by   pugmom79
    Suit is the only option
  6. by   cherry_blossom
    Go to Banana Republic...a suit is the only option. Even for women. I spent 250.00 just on my outfit! Got the job too
  7. by   dah doh
    A suit if you have one. If you don't have a suit, at minimum wear dress pant, dress shirt, nice shoes, and a tie.
  8. by   IloveNursing2214
    I wore a beautiful (belowknee level) grey professional dress w a cute dark blue blazer . I don't like suits . Doesn't fit my personality . I got complemented on it and got the position on the spot . I put my hair back , black stockings and short heels . It looked fashionable but professional.Go with your instinct but always dress and express yourself professionally !