How to answer this interview question....

  1. Unit manager: What skills would you bring to our facility, our unit when we hire you?


    I only have 1 year and 4 months of experience of L&D as a new grad... I can't say, I have loads of experience and skills... so what do you say??? She's asking in particular, SKILLS....
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  3. by   hiddencatRN
    This question is asking you to sell yourself. What are you good at? What skills do you use in L&D and how are they applicable in the new unit?
  4. by   Bec7074
    I think time management, prioritizing care, and communication are all good skills you have prob gained with experience.
  5. by   Armygirl7
    It;s not like there is a "right" or "wrong" answer.
    What are your strengths? You don't have to be super nurse - just competent and safe!
    Good prioritizer.
    Unafraid to advocate for patient.
    Good communicator/team builder/team player.
    Good with IV starts.
    Good with difficult/cranky patients.

    Remember it's the way you answer any interview question - more than the content of the answer. So smile and be confident, and if you have a particular skill then emphasize it. For example we had a new hire in our ER who is a computer "super user." She took some extra classes at our hospital on how to maximize our documentation program and now she is the go-to gal for both nurses and docs when there is a tech issue. Or, one of my preceptors had worked in LTC before coming to the ER and she was very confident in her skin assessment skills and wound care skills so she emphasized that in her interview.

    Good luck!! :-)
  6. by   Double-Helix
    How about being able to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations? Precipitate delivery, fetal heart rate decelerations, umbilical cord prolapse, infant in respiratory distress, postpartum hemorrhage...

    Think about the skills you most often used in L&D and how they would be helpful in your new unit. I bet you started a lot of IV's and inserted a lot of foley catheters. I'm sure you assisted with lots of epidurals, AROM and cervical checks (sterile procedures). I bet your assessment skills of both mom and baby had to be pretty excellent.