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How to Ace RN interview

  1. 0 I have been working in a skilled facility for 7 yrs now. I have been applying at local hospitals and had been interviewed 5x with no luck. It's so frustrating. What do I need to do to Ace interview?
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    Use the "describe yourself" portion to sell yourself.
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    I will try next time, if there is. Thank you
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    An interview is like dating. You have to have chemistry in that instant, otherwise, no matter what you say it'll be a dud.

    Practice being more approachable, sociable. They are looking if you will be a fit for their team. Try being charming, smile a lot, be animated when describing a situation.
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    You are right. I need to practice more and be more approachable and sociable.
    Interview is always a nerve wrecking to me. And I am thinking, maybe im just
    for LTC only
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    Well first off, how do you know that the interviews are the reason they aren't calling back?
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    What do you mean?
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    I have a word document that I use to refer to clinical examples. Interview questions are fairly standard, and it's easy to predict the types of questions in advance.Practice what you're going to say, research the mission statement and values, and tie your personal stories to them. If your issue is that you need to come across as more personable and enthusiastic, then knowing what you're going to say is essential.Sometimes we just don't click with the interviewer and that does not mean you've done something wrong. Chemistry matters. However, if you google, or Workopolis, you will find helpful advice regarding behavioural interviewing and resume preparation.
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    Thank you. I will check those web sites. I appreciate your advise.