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Hi, I am a new grad who is interviewing for a position I really want in Chicago on Monday. However, I have received a good opportunity in Michigan and need to accept or decline the offer the same day as my interview in... Read More

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    never mention another job offer during an interview its tacky and it could back fire. say yes and if the Chi job doesnt call u back then no harm no foul. the purpose of the job interview is to get a job and you have one in mi waiting on you if the other comes through then good for you. half of some beats all of none.
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    It is none of their bee's wax... You owe nothing!
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    I'm not in this situation but it was interesting to read the advice people left!

    Just curious but how did everything pan out then?
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    Play these good cards you've been dealt correctly!
    Accept the Michigan offer. You will have NOTHING to lose if Chicago comes through and then must decline. Of course , you would not start an orientation. This will buy you time.

    Ask in the interview.. what is the next step and how soon can I start?
    Playing the hiring game is hard... make sure it is on YOUR field.

    Good luck.. keep us posted.
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    I agree i would accept the first offer because you can always decline later... but what i have found difficult in the past is getting and accepting an offer than having another offer for an interview because i find it difficult to make time for the interview once i started a job...

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