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    I have an interview comping up and I am just not too sure how to dress up. Its a Magnet Hospital, Trauma II/Teaching facility. I know the manager from when I did my preceptorship, so he has seen me in my school uniform and regular clothes.

    Its going to be a Panel Interview, him and some of the staff working in the floor. Should I wear dress pants, dress shirt or should I wear an actual suit? I am a new grad, so I honestly have no idea what to wear. I was thinking that if I wear the suit he/they might think of me as a very materialistic/superficial person; he dresses with dress pants/shirt in the hospital..


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    Wear a Suit. It will show as professional, not materialistic. Honestly I don't understand why anyone would go into an interview in anything less than a suit, it is the best way to show you are a serious and professional candidate.
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    Agree. The fact that you took a great deal of effort to look good for the interview? It is a clear expression of how much you want the job. This will also be apparent to your interviewer(s). When I teach 'interviewing skills' to managers, I often remind them that "this is the best that s/he (candidate) will ever look" & then I facilitate a discussion about what it means when applicants come to an interview in scruffy casual clothing, unkempt or even wearing (AWK) flipflops. - don't laugh, it happens all the time.

    There's also the old adage "dress to fit the job you want". Very true. It makes you stand out from the crowd.
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    Suit is the only option
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    Go to Banana Republic...a suit is the only option. Even for women. I spent 250.00 just on my outfit! Got the job too
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    A suit if you have one. If you don't have a suit, at minimum wear dress pant, dress shirt, nice shoes, and a tie.
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    I wore a beautiful (belowknee level) grey professional dress w a cute dark blue blazer . I don't like suits . Doesn't fit my personality . I got complemented on it and got the position on the spot . I put my hair back , black stockings and short heels . It looked fashionable but professional.Go with your instinct but always dress and express yourself professionally !

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