How do I answer "Why did you leave your last job?" - page 2

I'm a new grad nurse who has spent the last 8+ years working in fast food (the last 6.5 of those as an assistant manager.) My boss is the main reason I went back to school, the reason I worked so hard to pass nursing school,... Read More

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    Won't even be asked. If you went back to nursing school it is obvious that you would be leaving your fast food job : ) If it is, go with your husband's answer or simply say you left to give yourself more time to prepare for and take your NCLEX so your could get started on your nursing career.

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    I don't think I was even asked why I'd left my last non-nursing position at my first nursing interview. Of course you're going to leave fast food, you have a shiny new degree you want to use.
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    It's pretty simple without any need to get into the details. You left your last job because you were focusing on school.

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