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    I know this has been said a million times before but I interviewed Wednesday last week and I still have not heard back! I know I should be patient, but I just want someone to help me put my mind at ease because I am going crazy just waiting and waiting! Should I call HR tomorrow? or wait until Wednesday to give them a full week? The worst part is that a person I know now has an interview at this same hospital and unit.. I don't know how many people are being hired or how long they will be interviewing for but I'm just driving myself crazy thinking. Should I call tomorrow?
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    Just call the nurse recruiter/hr to check status and/or when you should expect to hear back from them. When do they plan on making their decision, how will you know of their decision- will u get a phone call/email, etc. they're used to getting calls like that. No big deal. gl!
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    It also doesn't hurt to ask how many other candidates are they considering and how many are they planning to hire. Those are all valid questions to ask. Again, gl!
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    I would say call or e-mail just to follow up, they love when you show interest! I interviewed a month ago for a same day surgery unit, and they told me it'd be a few weeks, and it drove me nuts! So finally last week I send the manager a very nice email telling her I absolutely loved the unit and was just wondering if I was still under consideration, two days later I got a call offering me the job! Long story short, follow up and just call! cant hurt anything
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    Okay I think I feel better about calling now. I have been reluctant to ask those questions because I didn't want to come across too aggressive or pushy but you are right, they must get these kinds of calls all the time. I think I will wait until the end of the day tomorrow to make the call. Thanks for replying
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    i know most places won't hire until they've completed the interview process for all considered candidates....a while ago i interviewed for a transport position at a major area hospital and it took a month to hear back because they had to go through all of the applicants first......so less than a week is nothing.
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    Call and follow up, ask when should you expect to hear something back. I know the feeling. I love it when I've been hired on the spot, it definitely puts your mind at ease.