Gallup Nurse Insight Assessment?

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    I just did an online application for a job. I was asked to complete an online assessment. It was the Gallup Nurse Insight Assessment, which I can find nothing about online.

    Anyone have any info about it? Is this common?


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    I'm not any more enlightened, really, but it's NurseInsight, one word and there's capsule info on the Gallup website:

    Gallup evidently has three nurse assessment tools:

    I thought the test was tedious. I timed out on a couple of the questions. I have a very crappy memory for recalling test questions so I can't really repeat any specific questions I was asked, but I know there were questions about perfectionism, what is most important in patient care, how do you handle conflict, are you assertive, etc.
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    Wow, has NO ONE had experience with this test? No nurse managers who might want to say why they use this tool? No one else who has had to take the test?
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    Yeah I just took this test for a scholarship (the kind they give you money and when you finish school you work for that hospital).

    I've already received a letter stating that my GALLUP scores were not up to their standards and I would not be receiving the money.

    Basically I answered truthfully. I like to focus on more that one thing, I'm dependable, I'm not the neatest person. How does that disqualify me I don't know.

    The letter didn't have any more information.

    How do you fail a personality type test? I did!
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    I took the test couple of days ago. It made me very tired. I have to say I have never seen such a test before needed for employment. I am not even sure if I answered good or not, i didnt get any letter regarding my results yet.

    I googled up some info about gallup test and here is what i found:

    Gallup has studied the talents of great nursing professionals. Gallup
    developed a selection tool based on that research -- the Gallup Nurse Index -- which is designed to help hospitals find and select highly talented nurses in the murky market of people who simply attended a two-or four-year nursing school. The tool, a standardized Web-based selection instrument, offers hospital or nurse managers insight into the talents of nursing candidates, such as attention to detail, empathy, and self-confidence, and whether those candidates are the right fit for the job.
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    FWiW, I never heard anything about how well I did on the test, nor did I hear anything from the hospital about any job.
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    I actually just took this test this morning. Pretty much seems to be a kind of personality tester. I remember having to do some of these when I was in High school for jobs. Its basically scoring you on your personal traits and if it matches the employers minimums, you can a call.
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    personality test??? if u remenber could you tell me some question?
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    try this link u gonna find it there
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    sorry the correct link for the gallup survey is

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