Software that can streamline and document follow up calls post discharge

  1. 0 Does anyone have any suggestions on software that may be available to increase the efficiency and deliver good reporting for the follow up phone calls to patients? We are attempting to reach all patients post discharge and find this task difficult to stay on top of using just a paper form and/or excel spreadsheet.
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    If your health system has implemented Epic, there is a section, either Inpatient or Ambulatory, that is called Telephone encounter. It is used when a patient calls the MD's office. A variety of things can be documented in this navigator.There is a refill encnounter, and areas to document if the nurse, MD or any other staff members call and speak to the patient or their representative. Employees with various roles, as part of the patient's healthcare team, can document any verbal interactions with the patient or any family members.
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    Suggest you post your question in the Nursing Informatics forum.... those smart cookies will have some responses for you.
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    Welcome to AN!

    moved to informatics for best response.
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    thanks for the help
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    Agree with EMR*LPN, the Epic "Telephone Encounter" is awesome, because you can structure the follow-up call template and pull in information from the inpatient information, and even update the longitudinal medication list. I've also worked at places where we left the inpatient record "open" and recoverable for 24 hrs after d/c so a follow-up note could be documented on the inpatient encounter.
    There are vendors working on transitions in care apps, if you're willing to store this data separately- enough of them out there now that you can google it.

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