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I've been a Med/Surg nurse for a year now, and it was a productive year, I thank God for the blessings and the oppurtunities I got to learn. Looking forward, I would like to explore whats next. ... Read More

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    Well good Marissasmommy,
    Remind them of that statement when it comes time to talk salary.

    Quote from Marissasmommy
    I just interviewed for a NI position, which is a totally new thing at our hospital and I will have a LOT of responsibility. I work at a rural 25 bed critical access hospital. I don't have any idea what the pay will be. When I interviewed the IT supervisor said, "I don't know what you make now and don't want to know, but I'm sure it'll pay more." I make 20.25/hr now with a $5/hr night shift diff.