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  1. Hello All,

    I am a new Clinical Application Analyst (4 months) and is currently working on MT 5.64 and I am having the hardest time understanding the flow of this system. Let me also add that I did not receive any proper training on this HCIS which made it even more difficult. What I have learned has been on my own and by asking a couple questions to people who has been there for a while. Any suggestions on how to learn the system besides reading the 647 page NUR manual. I'm getting frustrated because I feel that I am getting nowhere with this system and it is hindering the work that I could be doing if I knew how this system works. BTW-I have spoken with my manager about this: "Be patient it will come to you."

    Any help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  3. by   glebs
    I would highly recommend contacting MEDITECH for support. Each site has there own specific support personnel. Contact the Service Support and your rep for alternatives.
  4. by   oneLoneNurse
    I just started two weeks ago, and most of my orientation has been self study. I have worked in Informatics prior to this, and have a programming background. Picking up this system does not seem difficult, I found the Muse web site helpful for issues, and the support webinars invaluable! We have two screens so I can play the video, and play with Meditech at the same time on my computer! Really helpful!!

    U must become a member of several users' groups: Welcome | MUSEWeb - Medical Users Software Exchange

    U must get a login to this site; you must check with your IT department to ensure you have an account, but there are many webinars U will find useful to get you up to speed: Access to this site costs money.

    I don't know what version you are running, but know that the structure between the versions vary. We are using Meditech 6.07.

    Email me if I can be of any help. Good luck.
  5. by   mydesygn
    Not sure if you work at a hospital or not. I have worked with Meditech for over 7 years.

    If you have never used PCS, I recommend doing new user training. Most nurses when hired have software training - take the class.

    Set up time with the PCS trainer to review common issues and additional training.

    Get into your test system and build something. Try to build a system assessment and work with your Meditech analyst when you get stuck.

    Check the Meditech website, there are often webinars and user training on dictionary setup that are FREE.

    Ask the facility to send you to training in Boston.
  6. by   InformaticsRN.MA
    I am also a new analyst (less than 2 months) at a hospital in Massachusetts with Meditech 5.64. The IT staff are pretty much letting me orient myself. I'd be very interested in chatting with you about how things are going - I've been to Meditech training in Boston (went there the first week of my new job; it wasn't that helpful due to that)so I can tell you what it's like, and I've located some decent materials on their website. Also, not sure if you know about this, but they are doing an online review of the Nursing module from Feb 5th -7th - with the same material as the classroom training, but you don't have to travel there. I'm planning on registering, since I need the repetition and practice to learn the system.
  7. by   nungum
    I am a C/S 5.65 site and have only been at this for 1.5 yrs but I was fortunate that my facility had hired a consultant for an ED project before I was hired, so I have been picking his brain this whole time. I can definitely share with you what I have learned because I know how frustrating it can be in the beginning and not know how things are supposed to work. And meditech training does not prepare you at all for real life scenarios. It's all just theory. Feel free to PM me with any specific questions.

  8. by   oneLoneNurse
    I am learning how to build, and found it somewhat difficult. I didn't get the knowledge in a nice one session sit down. I am doing PCM building, and it took me forever to actually get it. I know that Queries make up Question Sets which make up Documentation Sections which then get hooked up with Document Templates then Documents. Once Documents get hooked up they show up in Document Lists. Meditech does not enable previews in Doc Templates and Documents because they figure that users can view the final product off the lists. I think that Documentation Sections are where Notes have their beginnings too, they simply get hooked up differently.

    It wasn't easy to get this, but now I have it, and want to move on to Notes, and CDSs. Any one know what Retrieved Data is? I know about Formatted Data and Canned Text.



  9. by   denisay
    I'm trying to find a tutorial not just comments !!