Is IT for me?

  1. I'm a New Grad RN, MSN, CNS who is having a horrible time finding work. I recently got a job in a rural area which only lasted 4 months. I'm beginning to get very discouraged with clinical nursing. Considering I have some computer background and feel very familiar and confident in this environment I'm starting to look into this area however I don't know much about it. Firstly are there any jobs? I don't want for this to turn into another terrible experience as becoming an RN was for me. Anyone out there that could shine some light into what it takes to become an IT nurse, what it involves etc...?

    Thank you so much
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  3. by   funfunfun550
    I would advise you to get some GOOD career counseling. You seem to have quite a lot of credentials.. I know the market is tight.. what kind of nursing job were you looking for? You say a new grad? You went to an MSN program for your entry level in nursing position? while I see that will definitely be "the" thing to do ...down the road.. its really hard to convince someone that you will take an entry level say..floor nurse position...and have them think you are going to stick around long enough to make it worth their investment in you. Maybe I am reading to much into this.. Have you considered a post masters FNP program? I think there is a requirement most places to have at least a year of experience as a nurse. I think the IT market for informatics is getting saturated also. Those wanting nurses with IT experience will pass you over probably as well and hire an IT person that has practical experience. I hope this helps..
  4. by   ikarus7401
    What type of computer background do you have?

    And if you have a computer background---why did you go into nursing?

    I don't want to assume that you didn't like your computer job and thus you went for nursing, so I think before giving any advice, best to see where you're coming from.

    Also, is 4 months the complete total of professional nursing experience that you have?