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Hi everyone. I need advice. I am a grad student pursuing my MSN in Nursing Informatics and my MHI. I have already taken several important courses, such as Project Management and Database Management.... Read More

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    Thank you all for your support. Through better preparation and some changes in my thoughts (power of intention!), I just received a wonderful offer for an informatics position. I am very blessed by GOD and a great networking tool like this, to support me.
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please continue to visit the Forum and Give It Forward related to other Informatics Nurses on this forum, and keep us posted related to your career path!

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    Thank you for the sharing the interview techniques. I have printed them out and will review them. I realize I SHOULD be interviewing them. However, when my stress and anxiety peak during these panel interviews, my only thoughts are of 'survival.' I need to find ways to eliminate the anxiety in order to become successful.