Information on Meditech and Cerner

  1. Hi, I'm a nursing student attempting a presentation on the differences between Meditech and Cerner. I've been able to find some information, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any location where I could find screen shots to show what the user interfaces look like?

    Also does anyone have any specific preferences for either software package? Which application seems more user friendly?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I used Cerner in a previous job (2/01 to 1/06). Aesthetically, probably not the slickest-looking program on the market, but it does the job and I thought it was quite easy to learn. Cerner has a very cool website, but I searched high and low and was unable to find any screen shots. No experience with Meditech.
  4. by   perseus29
    I used meditech long time ago. 1999 and 2000 and back then, it was all text; it had no GUI, so you could get thru documenting something really fast, if you knew how to type. A lot of the nurses hated it because they were not typists. Ever since then I have heard Meditech has tried to put a GUI shell on top of their text based system, but I never got to see the GUI, but I did hear it had a lot of problems. I know when i used it, what i hated the most was that if a patient came back to the hospital, we would have to do the whole history again, when we had done it in their previous visit.

    Cerner's Millenium applications have a very nice GUI and their sell is that most of their apps use the same database. That means that if they recorded the input/output in surgery, then when the patient goes to ICU for example, and they are using powernotes there, the nurse could have the info flow from the OR documenation, to the powernotes in ICu; that's what they say when they demo it, however, in the real world, doesnt work as smoothly. Cerner Might look prettier than meditech, and when working properly, it might be easier to use.

    Because of privacy issues, I really doubt you will find screenshots on the web.
  5. by   Biscuit 23
    Cerner and Meditech are crappy systems...expecially for the ER. We use a product called ECDS Empower and it is awesome. Intuitive and easy to use!
  6. by   crazErn
    First of all, welcome to the fold. We need all the new nurses we can get.
    Our hospital has invested in Meditech already though and that is the system we will be working with at this point. Although it has limitations we have found that in using rules and attributes we are able to build Meditech into the system that we want and have had good support from Meditech itself with NUR, MOX and PCI modules so far. Meditech does have a good website and if you are able to get into the MUSE website you may be able to get screen shots. The modules we have in MEDITECH are all integrated and information does carry over but a lot of that depends on how the system administrator builds the program for each hospital. Good luck with your research.:smiletea2: