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Hi, I'm an accounting major graduate. I'm 47 years old, married to an american citizen, living at brgy. bagong silangan. Right now I'm planning to enter a nursing school that has an affliation... Read More

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    hi, it was her parents' bright idea to immerse her in the culture of her grandparents and send her to school cheaply. the 2 yr colleges she was initially interested in have 3-4 yr waiting lists and the only 4 yr college that would (nearly) guarantee direct acceptance to the BSN programme costs in the $30,000/yr range.
    hey...It still should be her choice if she wants to go back and take nursing there. Immersing her in the culture and knowing the heritage doesn't have to be THAT difficult, there are other ways...

    She should take her BSN then..just do student loans. It'll get paid off eventually with a lot of OT...get ready for the sacrifices e.g ramen noodles lunch and dinner, no starbucks coffee, no "US" magazines or cosmopolitans-- just read the stuff at Barnes and Nobles or Borders, no personal computer--just use the local/school library, for most of the necessities go to a dollar store..:spin:

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    Quote from olivedrab
    hi, isn't there such a thing as AGE DISCRIMINATION laws in your country??? :angryfire

    i'm looking through this forum trying to help a friend who's being "sent home" to go to school there (RP) because it's so C-H-E-A-P and her family doesn't want to spend for her college education. she's almost 31 and wants to go to a good school, too, but i think she'd be considered "foreign" by now since she grew up here (US). I'd be grateful if any of you could post some good accredited school websites. also, if you know that they accept "over-aged foreigners".

    thanks in advance!
    I went home 2.5 years ago to study nursing in the Philippines and here I am and I'm back! My problem now is, It's different how the standards are being conducted in the live setting, although it should hold true that the basics should be the same for everyone. The experience is just different. The U.S. can also be strict when it comes to verifying your foreign credentials.

    I've heard that the Philippines will be running a new law that requires students to go through 4 years of nursing school regardless of age or status. I'd watch for that law before heading back home to study nursing as a second course
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    Tough call on whether to study Nursing in the US or Philippines. O_O I didn't know about the waiting periods until I read through your posts. And the expenses!!

    Just be able to weigh the circumstances. There are disadvantages.. advantages, and other options. Good luck!
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    Does any one know if Angeles University Foundation (UAF) accepts second coursers over 30? I am looking at the nursing program. Thanks. Also how much is yearly tuition there?
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    Keep mindful of the fact that BSN requires 5 years of study effective this past June. Even 2nd coursers with allowable credits may face 3 years at a minimum!! I suspect most will only grant the first year as eligible credits so check carefully. This could be a 4 year commitment!!

    Also, check with the CHED rankings of nursing colleges by NLE passing rates. You will find that only 4 or 5 Manila Universities rank consistently high graduate NLE passing rates (70% or better performance!).
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    guys. pls. help me. i'm planning to transfer at manila doctors college. if anyone who knows the curriculumand tuition fee pls. reply pls..tnx
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