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Hi, all: I'm in a bit of dilemma. I'm a U.S. citizen aspiring to be a nurse here in the States, but I think I've finally hit my dead end. The original plan was to accomplish an Associates Degree... Read More

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    Wow, have the tides has changed now in a short period of time! I hope some of the earlier posters know that getting their BSN degree from PH is now completely worthless and a waste of their time and money if they plan to ever work in CA.

    It's not at all recognized by the CA BON in 99.50% of the cases and without having to re-take near impossible courses in CA, due to the fact that the CHED and PRC have not changed their methods of running their schools at all to meet the CA minimums (the concurrency issues or the lack of certain clinical hours in certain courses).

    Getting an out of state RN license once they come back, it cannot be endorsed back into CA. They should just come back and go to the CA schools offering LVN classes and complete it and probably will pass the NCLEX in the first time. As we know that the NCLEX passing rate from PH schools are dismally very low compared to CA's 80% or higher rates.

    I hope they get word of these terrible problems facing recent PH grads.

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    I'm currently working as an LPN in america and want to continue with BSN in the philippines. Do you think how many years to finished the course, do they consider my subjects in LPN in the philippines? Do I have to attend clinical although I'm already working here as an LPN...I graduated BS commerce -accounting major in the philippines. Do I Consider My Self As Foreign Students bec. I'm a US citizen. I need some advice and somebody to guide me. What is the best school to enroll. .
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    ok123 ....

    Good questions, unfortunately I don't have your answers.

    My Filipina wife is in somewhat of the same situation as you are in, however, she has never been a nurse of any type before.

    My wife is also a US citizen and has a BS degree in Computer Science from a school in the Philippines. We both live together here in Florida.

    She wants to attend De La Salle university in Bacolod City and try to get her BSN. Then come back to Florida and try passing the NCLEX-RN.

    I hope we can both get someone here to help answer the questions we both have.

    Ron and Ann,

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