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Hi everyone! :wavey: I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will... Read More

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    so they are still accepting applicants?

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    hopefully they maintained the jci accreditation , and are already done with the busy work so that are pending applications will get noticed.
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    Quote from arglen_rn
    I dropped my application at the pigeon box 2-3 weeks ago with my friend, then today my friend got a text message that he is scheduled for an exam tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't receive such message. Anyone can answer why is this so? I'm kinda worried about it and a little bit saddened.
    check with the DCA, call them or go there personally to follow up your application...
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    what are the topics in the skills exam?
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    Expect BASIC NURSING PROCEDURES in the Skills Validation Interview. Usual procedures are as follows:

    - Gastric gavage/lavage
    - Suctioning
    - Catheterization
    - Enema
    - Wound Care
    - Blood transfusion
    - Perineal care
    - Medication Administration
    - Starting/Discontinuing IV
    - Bedmaking
    - Others

    Good luck on your screening! Pray hard and let the Lord reveal His will for you!
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    thank you burbeestar for that info! by the way, how are you? you are already on your training?
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    burbeestar, after passing the initial exam, how long have you waited for their next text (for the skills validation schedule)? thanks!
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    Hi there

    I would like to ask if it is true that st luke's qc application for nurses temporarily stopped?
    My friend told me lately that the drawer in the pigeon box for staff nurse is closed already?..?

    Please reply..thanks!
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    thanks burbeestar!
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    To cheesecurls: SLMC-QC passed the JCI reaccredation.

    To burbeestar: I am also from Batch 3. What group do you belong to? I heard news that our batch will be put on hold (I hope it's not true). And presently, our batch is still incomplete due to those who failed the medical exam.

    To those who will have their medical exam: Be sure that you rest before having your PE done because high blood pressure and other deviations may result to NOT Physically fit to work. And also, make sure that your BMI is normal.

    With regards to the Board rating and GWA requirements, the clinical manager from the Department of Clinical Advancement said that they also accept applicants with lower board rating and GWA; but they give more priorities to those who complied to their required grades.

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