Your thoughts on Max Savings for Nclex-RN exams in Hong Kong - page 6

Hi! Greetings of Peace to all of you! I would like to ask the Filipinos who have already taken the nclex-rn exams and those who have valid,reliable&verifiable info on the latest travel and... Read More

  1. by   john83
    Quote from reyan

    hey john thanks for the info. what other hostels did you consider besides sunkong? thanks.
    Hello reyan! Sorry didn't see your end post which was addressed to me.

    I've searched others on the internet but I relied on the info that a friend gave to me(that friend stayed at Sun Kong due to budget constraints) because I wasn't sure of the others(no testimonial from a person who stayed there that I knew).

    You will find a lot of helpful information shared by our friends here in the forum.