USTH training experience

  1. I plan to have training in usth though I'm not thomasian. For those who had their training already and/or hired in usth, kindly share your experience (good or bad). Your responses will be highly appreciated.

    After the training, how long is the waiting time to be hired?
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    I only lasted for a month.. I'm not telling this to discourage you but my experience was the worst.. And so as the experience of my co trainees but they made it for 3months.. But they told me it was the worst.. You'll have 1week of lecture then the rest is hospital duty.. Lucky for you if you'll be assigned at a good ward just dont wish to be assigned at san martin and the neuro ward because the staff there most of them are bullies.. And you will be alone as a trainee you wont have you co trainee with you when you start your shift cause you will be divided into the 3shifts so its gonna be you and the staff.. First day of is orientation and all the staff there would be nice to you but wait till you start the real job.. My first shift i already got bullied by this staff since im not also a ust grad i dont know the protocols and paperworks there and she already scolded me for not knowing anything.. The next was this other staff since she was a senior staf she'd humiliate me during endorsements.. The thing is prepare dor the worst and it is normal to be overwhelmed.. They gave me 5patients to handle i take the vitals do the charting refer to other doctors give medications i do what they do and they even treat me as their runner.. To think that im a newbie they would scold me for being slow at what i do but the reason is everytime i do something to assist my patients or carry out doctors order they would tell me also to attend to their parients while they sit and do their chartings and stuff and they would also give me patients that are q30 vs.. It was driving me nuts honestly it was hell.. But if your passionate about it and can handle the pressure and bullying you'll make it through.. I'm not really into those stuff their unprofessional to start with they also shout at you on the nurses station and in front of the doctors and that's why i quit the training it wasn't worth mu dignity..