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Hi everyone! :wavey: Just want to ask if there's anyone out there who has an idea if Medical City is currently accepting applicants? Or if their schedule for trainings is ongoing? I wanted to follow up my application there.. I... Read More

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    Hi eosinophil? Are you done with the hiring process in Medical City? Is there a chance of getting hired after you have undergone the training? Will appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

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    From what mrt station are u coming from? Tell me first so i can give u the directions..
    My friend told me that it took her about 2 weeks before she got called up by the HR..

    Yes, they are currently on hiring.. Training first before deployment..
    And may i ask from what area are u from? so i can give you the directions..

    Ive got that info from a friend.. I think that system started last nov 09 only, and yes it is still ongoing.. That's their new hiring system, the drop box and computer log-in system was gone.. The hiring process that i am talking about is for staff nurse positions.. They do not accept volunteers, as in never..

    No, im not yet done with the hiring process.. I havent even called by the hr.. The good thing with TMC training is that they hire all their trainees, except if you are really incompetent.. The only problem is the waiting period after the training, as they do not deploy you immediately after the training.. I have a friend who waited 3 mos before he got deployed.. That's a sad reality..
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    to eosinophil:

    Im good... thanks... i went there with a friend of mine, and we've signed up for hiring... ^_^ thanks anyway... ^_^
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    Quote from hazyblue
    Can anyone tell me how to commute to Medical City starting from an MRT? Please. Thanks. I'm rather ignorant around that area.

    By the way, how long before they call you for an exam? Thanks.
    you can drop by at Ortigas station, walk yourself to Robinsons Galleria, then ride a jeep or cab going along ortigas avenue. Once in Meralco, you can either get out of the jeep, cross the pedestrian, walk some 100m or have a left turn at Meralco East Gate, park at Rockwell Business Center and cross the street and there you are.
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    hi tomoyo, i jus want to ask if the hiring process is still ongoing?thanks a lot
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    what do i need to bring when i go to TMC to apply for a staff position? and what office do i go to?
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    Quote from jms8
    what do i need to bring when i go to TMC to apply for a staff position? and what office do i go to?
    I went there last week and gone straight to the Human Resource department. They just let me sign on a registration folder for Staff Nurse applicants. There was a note there saying that the required documents will be passed when you receive a call from them. If I can remember it right that's after you passed the exam. Just bring an ID because the guard will be asking for that. Anyway, good luck to all of us. God bless!
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    thanks! i'll drop by within the week
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    hi guys!

    is this for real? i mean this january 2010? just wanna ask what time did you drop by at TMC. i wanna sign up but i don't know what time will be the HR available. is it possible to sign up like 6pm? it's only my free time. also, where's the HR office located? and we only sign up right?

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    Quote from *EosinophiL*
    Yes, they are currently on hiring.. The good news is, they now have new system of hiring applicants.. The drop box and computer log-in system was gone.. Now, all you need to do is sign-up in a logsheet located in the HR office.. No need for any credentials or documents.. Then they'll just call u for the initial exam.. And the hiring process now is faster.. My friend just recently passed the final interview there, and guess what? she finished the whole process in just two weeks.. That includes clinical exam, psyche exam, HR interview and final interview.. Unlike before that you need to wait for at least a month to proceed to the next step.. Isn't that great news?! I've also heard that their next batch of training will be on january.. so if i were you, i'll go there asap..

    Godbless on our application!
    Would it be possible that I sign up for my friend who is in the province? and she will just go there after notified to take the exam? TY

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