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I was just wondering if any one has received a response from SLMC GC about the schedule of PGNT1 for batch 2? I already have submitted my requirements and I have paid the initial training fee just... Read More

  1. by   Takiko
    Quote from aijj
    Hi anyone from batch 6? I want to be friends with everyone.
    me.. add me up on FB.. introduce yourself so i can add you.
    see you!
  2. by   sweetrn07
    i passed my application last nov 2012 and feb 2013, but havent received any txt from slmc global 80+ board rating.. are they going to consider my application for the next batcH, since i think, batch 6 is already complete..
  3. by   xyzabcd
    For how many months will the PGNT training last? Is it a 1 month training?
  4. by   jcuRN
    Quote from xyzabcd
    For how many months will the PGNT training last? Is it a 1 month training?
    3 months
  5. by   xyzabcd
    I failed the initial screening today but it's alright, there is a reason that I didn't make through. Goodluck fellow nurses.
  6. by   xyzabcd
    Do you have any idea if for how long could I apply again if I failed the initial interview?
  7. by   jazz_08
    i will just pass my resume this week. is there possibility that they might accept my application because on what ive read the batch 6 is full? hope for your reply.
  8. by   happyman
    hi xyabcd, can i ask you of when and where did you pass you resume?
  9. by   xyzabcd
    I submitted my application first week of february then they texted me for initial screening one day after. i just submitted my resume and rating at the employee's entrance.
  10. by   jazz_08
    so they are still accepting? thank you for the response, its a big hope for me. are they particular on the board rating?
  11. by   happyman
    you mean to the guard? i just passed mine to the guard third week of january but still they haven't texted me. hehe. lucky for you. thanks for the response.
  12. by   xyzabcd
    Quote from desperateRN
    Hi, I haven't heard any news yet regarding PGNT Batch 7 but I think you should still try re-applying. In case I get some updates regarding succeeding PGNT openings I'd be more than glad to update you guys. Good Luck!
    Do you have an update now regarding PGNT 7? From what batch of PGNT were you included? Please update us if you have news regarding the next batch of PGNT. Thank you desperateRN. I am also desperate to be in that institution.
  13. by   xyzabcd
    I am also interested to be a dialysis nurse there even though its been two years since my training in hemodialysis. do you have any update about the ancillary department? thanks.

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