Saudi Arabia needs 2,000 nurses from the Philippines - page 4

you can go to the POEA with or without experince are welcome to apply.... Read More

  1. by   joy_smile22
    As far as I know, they are accepting underboard MUSLIM nurses.
  2. by   Angel_of_West
    Quote from joy_smile22
    As far as I know, they are accepting underboard MUSLIM nurses.
    hi, really? do u know the agency?
  3. by   kooleat
    i just went to POEA last week, they're still not recruiting male nurses for deployment to KSA up to this time...
  4. by   Angel_of_West
    can anyone kindly send me the address of the agency hiring the underboard nurses. thanks!
  5. by   salingcatcat
    Hi! Is the Saudi-MOH the only who hires nurses without experiences? My friend applied at an agency (Philtrade Agency), she just passed the board last november '08 and has work experience. She got interviewed by the employer, and learned that her salary would be $600 and accomodations will be arranged by them. Is that a good deal?
  6. by   cucumber
    Hi, is there anyone here who dont have any work experience and who passed the requirements this year at POEA??? I just want to know if they are still processing nurse applicants without experience just like last year.. I passed the requirements at window M this year and as of now I dont have any update.

    Thank You
  7. by   bayernurse
    I also passed the requirements September of last year but haven't heard from them since. I just called POEA and they suggested to resubmit the requirements. I'll go this week and hopefully receive an update from MOH. Good luck to us!
  8. by   cucumber


    by the way I got a reply from the POEA, and here's what they told me via email...

    Dear *******:

    We have our employers from the Ministry of Health who conducted examinations and interviews from March 23-April 1, 2009. All applications received for the MOH-KSA were forwarded to the Saudi Recruitment Office (SRO) for their manpower pool. Notices were given to pre-qualified applicants by the SRO on their schedule of examination and interview.
    As of date, we do not have any schedule yet of the next interview.
  9. by   Jen24
    Hello can anyone please help me, I am planning to enroll myself to the distance education of the University of the Philippines, but i am soon to be deployed to saudi arabia... if there nurses here who are also in saudi and are also having their distance education in UP, I need some tips and advice about this...
    God bless...
  10. by   bayernurse
    to cucumber: I don't have actual hospital experience but I work for Bayer Healthcare Diabetes care US. Why? Do they prioritize RNs that has work experience? I thought they're accepting RNs w/o experience?
  11. by   cucumber
    of course it is a plus if you have hospital exerience...
  12. by   punjabi
    what's the estimated salary for RN in saudi, bahrain, qatar?