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my license will expire this june 2008, can I renew it before june? what are the procedures how to renew it in PRC? thank you! :wink2:... Read More

  1. by   spongebob6286
    Quote from dikya75
    I have been reading through the postings here and I am wondering if they are really strict on the photo with nametag? Here's a link I found and it did not say about nametag.

    My sister also told me that when she called PRC just they said 2 passport size ID on white background and that's just about it.
    it should have your full name in the photo
  2. by   john83
    Here in Bacolod, the PNA (Philippine Nurses Association) is offering to process license renewals, for an additional fee. Please check with the local PNA chapter nearest you, they may be able to help you and free you from the hassles of the renewal process.
  3. by   uh_huh?
    hi! good news!!!

    PRC now has a call center for renewing license.
    Its like what you do when you renew your passport.. but this one is done thru LBC. Try calling (+632) 8544848. I think that would be more convenient than having to go thru hell and back in PRC.

    I dont exactly know the process but am sure the call center agents would be more willing to assists you. This is quite a relief for those who are abroad and cant send their representatives to transact with PRC personally.

    Good luck!!! :wink2:
  4. by   uh_huh?
    heres the link for the complete info.. if yu still wish to do it personally..

  5. by   Jencita
    Hi! I'm a Filipino living abroad and been away for some years. I'd like to renew my expired nursing license. Please help!
  6. by   nursedandy
    Any changes in fees for PRC RN license renewal( Regular and expedited)? How many weeks for regular processing compared to expedited.
  7. by   gambutrol
    how many months before I can renew?! min will expire in february 2010.. in what month can I renew it this year 2009?!
  8. by   spongebob6286
    Quote from gambutrol
    how many months before I can renew?! min will expire in february 2010.. in what month can I renew it this year 2009?!

    you can only renew it on the year of the expiration before your birthdate right? not a year earlier than that.
  9. by   jmolinaRN
    So, there are no requirements as far as the CE units are concerned? :caduceus:
  10. by   piepie0005
    Woah.. 6 wks?!
    Thank God I read this as early as now.. Thanks!!!
  11. by   razeanthem
    hello!,. i just wonder, is it ok to renew my prc license here in my province even if i processed my license in manila?.. thanks!
  12. by   joe17
    PRC sucks!!!
  13. by   raizel
    Quote from Kittykat06
    Just got off from PRC for renewal. Milkshake_rn yes you can actually mine will be expired on june also.

    You will need:
    - to fill up renewal form (green color, half coupon bond size)
    - at least 2pcs photo passport sized, white background w/ name tag
    - Current PRC license photocopy
    - Renewal fees P450.00
    - ballpen
    - paste/glue

    - filled out PRC form attached your photo on the right upper corner
    - proceed to window 14 for assessment
    - payment at window 15
    - window 16 for passing your phocopied PRC, form, receipt, add'l photo (1), after a while you will be given a claim slip.

    April 17 - filled
    May 30 - released............ took 6weeks

    Wow thanks for the info... I t is really a great help, btw I lost my license but I have copies of it, so all I need to do now to be able to renew is follow the process and no need to surrender the old license.. I'm so happy