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    I graduated year 2007, and tried to apply to almost all hospitals, private and government, did a 3 mos volunteer experience at EAMC, tried to applied for other jobs but out of luck. then luckily just referred by a neighbor to a clinic and atleast landed a job there working 3-5 times per week and do that for a year and a half, still struggling for a hospital based work. 3 years after I graduated and still it is difficult to find a work there in PH so
    I Made up my mind and with the help of my brother invited me to come here in UAE. found a work here as dental assistant with a kuripot employer earning around 14k peso amount and i paid everything, worked for 1 year. took a nursing MOH Licensure here for nurses, passed it decided to find another job. in Gods' grace I got a a job in homecare based under a private company and earning around 50k peso. not bad. currently striving to pass the HAAD Exam for better opportunities.

    Fellow nurses. It is 6 years now since I graduated and seems that still employment opportunities there in PH are difficult. Think. Have faith. Aim High. Achieved your Goal. Pray Hard. God Bless.
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    I truly understand Sir, in my case, it's been 4 years since I graduated from BSN. The situation in the Philippines in really rotten. I volunteered for almost a year but wasn't absorbed because I don't have "backer" or connections to help me land a job. It's so frustrating. To add, I think you could not get HAAD exam without a basic 2 years experience as "Staff Nurse: Volunteer Experience not honored". I believe you've taken the HAAD Sir. Did they require you to submit a Certificate of Employment before taking the exam? What were the requirements they needed before taking the exam? I really try my best to pull myself together as a nurse but reality is really depressing for me. I do hope for your reply to my query Sir. Best of luck!
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    Hi guys re: haad exam-pearsonvue is one of the accredited testing center and partner of haad in the philippines, no need to show any certificate since they are only a service only have to pay online and schedule your exam,bring your passport on the day and another valid i.d with photo that is govt can get the result just right after you took the test.i hope it helps.
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    Hi mynameisjinggay

    Have you take the exam already? What materials did you use for your review?
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    It's been so long since I've been here in How are you? I am now here in Abu dhabi working as a Home Health Care Nurse, I didn't pass my HAAD Exam last year, but I have a MOH License, waiting for the Unification of Licenses in UAE. Currently promoted as a Clinical Supervisor after my 2 years of contract.
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    Wow, inspiring
    Thank you for your wonderful post, this gives me hopes and not to give up.
    I'm actually on the verge of quitting nursing but I really want to work in a hospital.
    But after reading your post, maybe I just need to try harder and be patient .
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    How can I apply as a Home care nurse in Abu Dhabi?
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    To apply as a hc nurse, you must have HAAD license. Visit هيئة الص*ة - أبوظبي and go for the examination. First you have to verify your documents with and pay the fees with haad and before you can file for the examination