Pahinungod Volunteer Program of PGH

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    I would just lIke to hear from everyone who can help me on how to apply on PGH PahInungod Volunteer Program.Are they stIll acceptIng applIcants? Where should I apply? And what are the requIrements?

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    I recommend that you inquire personally in their office at PGH. As far as I know, they are continuously accepting applications for they deploy batch of volunteers quarterly.
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    I got the chance to talk to one of the personnel in UP Pahinungod Program and she said that the requirements are TOR and PRC License (Photocopy), and 1x1 and 2x2 pictures (1 each). The office is located at the mezzanine floor near the Nursing Service Office. Actually, the ER volunteer program is only one of the various services offered by the unit. Hope this helps!
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    Hi errrrrn! Thanks for the info. Did that personnel tell you if theyre still accepting applications?
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    Quote from jadedme
    Hi errrrrn! Thanks for the info. Did that personnel tell you if theyre still accepting applications?

    They are still accepting applicant for volunteer for Pahinungod. Deployment will be quarterly. They will text you about your sched once you qualify. Submit first the following requirement, addition on that, you also need a hepa profile. You can have that inside the PGH the cost is around 250php I think. i hope this would help.
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    Oh. Thanks a looot! btw, do you have any other info bout it like the duration, etc?
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    What are the other fields do they offer for the Volunteer Program of the Pahinungod other than the ER?
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    They also deploy volunteers to the Cancer Institute which caters Oncology patients. But, I'm not knowledgeable of the details.
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    Thank you. I'll probably go there myself to inquire thanks for all the info.

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