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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada,... Read More

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    near qc mrt. ead? so limited to talk in this forum.
    u can send them PM
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    hi spongebob hows ur condition?
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    Quote from beejsal
    hi spongebob hows ur condition?
    what do u mean by my condition?
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    hello everyone.. if a nurse will apply to middle east countries: is there a country which allow a nurse with hepa b to work there?thanks.. im new to this site im a nurse too with heoa b.
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    hello everyone..we are suffering same a nurse too w/ hepa b
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    now that u have liver disease, u should be taking good care of it, as much as possible do not drink etoh and try natural stuffs
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    Hi Guys,

    I really take time reading all your posts here since I want to know and learn from you guys. I'm also hep B+ and my world collapsed from the time I knew I was hep b reactive.My life has been so miserable and chaotic and I almost reach the point of giving up. It was second year when our nursing department required us to submit the medical requirements. One day after the medtech drawn blood from me for HbSAg screening I received my lab result and find out that I'm a Hep B positive. I don't know what to do, I feel so depressed, in stage of denial. It came to my mind what's the purpose of continuing nursing if after all I will not be able to go abroad and land for a job because of this dreaded illness. I even sought another laboratory test for second opinion and it still turned out positive. At that point, I feel so hopeless that I can't help my family and siblings. I really experienced all the stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and I'm still in doubt until now if I have accepted this illness.

    When I realized that I can still live a normal life (although hiding) despite the fact that I am carrying this illness, I still choose to pursue nursing until I graduated last 2008. But after graduation I'm no longer excited because it's already in my mind that nursing will no longer my profession after all. So I decided just to do a self review since it's not worthy to take a review center spending money without a good future in nursing. I did failed three times, all were self review because all I wanted is just to become registered nurse even if I will not work as a nurse just to feel you have completed your 4 years in college. With those two years that passed in my life I worked as a call center agent and thankful that there was no medical examination required during my employment. But then I still feel that my life is not complete if I will not become a registered nurse even if I have work.

    So I finally decided to to resign from work and take the exam again just to get the license and hopefully I will pass the said exam.

    But you know guys, after all your inspirational message and experience, I came to realize that if I pass the board exam, I will now pursue my nursing career. I will not just get the license but my mind is now open to work abroad. Although, I envy those friends and classmates of mine who are now working abroad. And I TRUST GOD that he gave me this kind of life because he believes that I can stand and fight against all these trials and obstacles in my life. I am now a positive thinker and I will not let this illness ruin my life. I always pray to God that he will help me solve all this problems in Gods time and I will never loose hope. Have Faith in God and I know he will heal Us All.
    We will always bear in mind that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. HE is the SUPREME HEALER.

    Pls. continue posting any message and I'm glad to read all your responses and we're not alone!!!

    GOD bless us All and LIFE MUST GO ON as I should say!!! Till next time...
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    so nice to read everyones story about their hep B. i'm a hep B+ too. i dont know how do i acquired it. im the only carrier in the family. its a dream of every filipino nurses to work to abroad ( to seek for greener pasture). sadly we were affected by hep B virus. what we feel bout it when we first know about our disease is exactly the same (anger, denial, hatred..etc) BUT, life must go on...we need to have FAITH. good thing is that many carriers are now in abroad working as a nurse. have faith in god
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    Hi! I'm really glad I came across this site. I am a hepB+ also. In 2004, it came to me as a shocked when I learned about my condition after undergoing a pre-medical examination for a job abroad. I wasn't yet a registered nurse that time. I am an undergraduate since I failed to finish it after I got married early. Since then I tried to forget all my dreams of getting a job abroad. It left me so helpless and hopeless. That time, working abroad is the only solution so I can support my children considering that I am a single parent. But, in spite of this reality there was still this slight hitch of denial on my part. In 2006, there was a strong urge in me to finish a degree. Since I was already in my 4th year when I left school, i saw it more practical to just finish my nursing course. So, I did and in 2007 I graduated and took the board exam. Luckily I passed. I have undergone a training in one of the tertiary hospitals in our country. A medical is pre-requisite but it's not a very strict process, so i still got the slot for the OJT. But despite this, there was still that fear in me. My family have been pushing me to take the NCLEX but i was reluctant because I believed then that all would be futile. I didn't even tried applying as a staff nurse because I was scared that I would be declined because of my condition.

    In 2008, my boyfriend got the opportunity of working in New Zealand. As his partner, I have the privilege of applying for the same visa under family category. So, in 2009 i went to a laboratory for a Hepa profile. To my dismay, after 5 yrs the result was still positive. And I still got no antibody. It left me so devastated and so instead of applying for a work visa I ended up applying for a visist visa because of the fear that I would be denied a visa. I never told anyone of my condition, it was only my bf who knew about this. And because of fear that he may also contract the disease, I even brought condoms with me when I went to NZ last year. But after analyzing the situations like we have been in the relationship long before I found out in 2004 that I am hepB+, but how come he still remains negative every time he submits himself for a medical examination. I wanted to have the slightest hope that I can get out of that analysis. For many years, I have been religiously praying for God's mercy, that He grant me healing for this condition. All those years I kept myself locked in fear. fear of rejection esp from others once they learned about my condition. I have lived my life in fears and I got stocked because of that fear.

    it was only by accident that I came across this site and after reading the different stories shared by others, I began to realize that it's about time that I face the Goliath in my life. I took my hepa profile result which I have been keeping since then and checked the result in the internet. I am negative for HbeAg, meaning I am non-infectious. That explains why I could not transmit the virus to my bf. I told myself why it was only now that i took time to analyze my result. Last month, I took the courage of submitting myself to a full medical exam required of someone applying for a work visa in NZ. I still got the hepB+ result but my HbeAg remains negative and my HBVDNA showed that I am non-viremic as well. I was endorsed to a specialist and after seeing the result, she gave me a clearance stating that I am healthy and I am fit to work. I was overjoyed. I really thank God for that grace He has bestowed upon me. Last week, I submitted all my documents and I am just waiting for the result.

    Truly I can say that each one of us has his/her own Goliath in life. So, let us be like David who in spite of his being small never feared to fight his opponent. I hope my story gave all those having the same dilemma as mine some glimpse of hope.
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    our condition is not a big hindrance im a RN now and im not losing my hope to pursuit our great career even though all of us experiencing this terrible kind of condition the only need us to do is to pray and believe..for those who had experience being employed to hospitals here in the phil. please share your story thanks..God bless us all and dont lose our hope for being a nurse.
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    @godknowsright hello there!!! base on my own experience. YES!YES!YES! you can go here in USA, im also hepB+, hbeAg+. my mom just petitioned me recently and got here last May this year. in my medical exam in st. lukes you have the right to not to disclose your condition. when the doctor asked me series of questions and ended up asking if i have hepatitis i just politely said no(maybe sort of fear that i would be denied that's why i said no haha). now im seeking my treatment here in US, im also a student nurse when i left the PH but i plan to go back to finish my bsn because schools here wont honor my 2yrs as nursing student in PH. yeah it so hard. but let me tell you something, the US is very strict only when you have TB. and the best thing about here is they have laws against DISCRIMINATION, so as long as you practice UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS they would hire you. yes, of course there is medical exam as long as you have very low viral load they would hire you. AND FINALLY TO ALL OF YOU GUYS, MAYBE STARTING FROM NOW ON YOU SHOULD TAKE "SELENIUM" SUPPLEMENT, IT WOULD MAKE YOUR VIRAL LOAD LOWER AND WOULD PREVENT LIVER CANCER.
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    please guys lets make this thread active haha. we have this condition because God knows we are the only ones who can handle it and let us all be inspiration to everyone that whatever problem you are facing on you can still achieve your dreams.
    never stop dreaming
    never stop believing
    never stop praying and finally
    never stop living. God bless us all
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    hi guys! i am new here, and I am glad that I found this forum about Hep+ nurses like you since I am also positive but a carrier though. I was really down when I figured out that I was + I thought my whole word collapse, I keep asking "why me", etc... but I realized God has maybe great plans for me that I didn't know. I had undergone treatments and last April 2010 my HBV-DNA level became >6 and my gastro stopped my med since I am almost undetected. He said to me not to worry because Hep B patients can still work in the halth care facility and can even go abroad like australia, canada, new zealand etc. I was so happy to hear that.

    Unfortunately, when I came back for followup last september and was tested for HBV-DNA my viral load increased to 4,500 (I am planning to apply for a visa in OZ that's why my gastro tested me again in case), so he prescribed baraclude to me, somewhat costly, but he said not to worry and that GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD, we people who are infected with Hep B can still reach our dreams and go abroad... I hope on my next lab work my viral load will decrease and become undetected.. I have always hope...