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by kfma

hello everyone. i would like to ask if you know any hospitals in metro manila accepting nurse trainees this august 2013? i graduated last april 2012..i completed my bls acls (AHA), IVT trainings first and now I plan to apply to... Read More

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    Quote from astroborn
    Would anyone know what hospitals near Makati or Taguig area still are still hiring nurses or trainess.. Thanks
    try san juan de dios at pasay city..its near midas hotel.
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    Quote from jennyyy
    hi can I also have the email add of asian hospital PM me please thanks

    Can you also pm me the email address of asian hospital, thank you so much God bless!
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    University of Perpetual Help Medical Center
    I was told by the HR that the screening for their training program which is similar to St. Luke's PGNT will start on OCTOBER. So all aspiring applicants can still submit their resume at the HR, Lower Basement of UPHMC

    Alabang Medical Center
    -Accepts volunteer nurses only
    -Last time I went there, I learned that they have no HR (Yet to be verified?) so I was instrucrted to proceed to the Pharmacy and look for Ms ****. She initially asked me whether I have applied to other hospitals.
    -Not sure if there is an allowance.
    -Requirements include:
    *Photocopy of TOR
    *Photocopy of Board Rating
    *Photocopy of IVT, BLS and other trainings
    I can't remember the other requirements she asked for so bring all the things you deem important to applying.
    -MAKE SURE TO GO THERE IN THE MORNING because I went there in the afternoon and she told me it was best if I went there in the morning (For the interview I guess?)

    Las Pinas Doctror's Hospital
    -I was told by the lady at the information counter that they only process applications with referrals from the owners/stock holders

    Medical Center Muntinlupa
    -I heard they're hiring trainees again. But this is only second hand information. It's best if you find out yourself

    Asian Hospital
    -A friend told me that they are hiring but if you ask the HR, they will tell you otherwise. It's best if you send them an email and attach the following credentials:
    *Scanned BLS, IVT, PNA, PRC Licenses and Certificates
    *Board Certificate
    *Transcript of Records
    *Board Rating/Passing (Not sure about this last one though)
    Please PM me for the email of Asian

    @omgellieoh hi! please pm me also the email address of asian hospital. thank you so much ) God bless!