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hi mark from philippines, just recently i pass the licensure exam for MOH-OMAN ..I would like to hear any comments,suggestions or words of encouragement from nurses in oman specially... Read More

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    im also taking the exam on July 1. i think the set of questions will depend on which position u are applying for. if you're applying for a position as a NICU nurse, then the questions will focus on NICU concepts. i applied for MS... so i guess i have to read up on MS.... in shallah!
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    @umi_04: they will tell you to wait for 3-6 months.
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    hi guys! im supposed to take the exam tomorrow... prob is i dont know how to get to san beda college. can anyone give me directions? from the nearest LRT 1 station? or from sucat paranaque??? im tryna find a way to get there without having to get a cab coz A. its expensive and B. i will be going there alone, and im not comftable riding a taxi alone. my paranoia kicks in. heheheh. pls anyone..???
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    @aimee777: sis, the nearest is LRT station 1 Doroteo Jose and then from there, go to LRT station 2. I think the nearest station LRT 2 from San Beda is Legarda. You can also google it if you want.
  6. Visit  aimee777 profile page arent there any FX or jeeps near LRT1 D. Jose to san beda college?
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    Waa I want to take the MOH-exam too!!! RPR texted me but everytime I replied, the number is always lost.
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    How much is their offer? For nicu?
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    dunno how much is the offer yet. RPR agency is now posting the names of those who passed the exam in their FB page.
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    to all March 2012 passers:

    Is high school diploma included in their required authenticated documents? What I knew is to authenticate college diploma, PRC license, and COE. Please, I need help. Thank you.
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    PASSED THE EXAM!!! yeay! anyone has any tips on how to pass the interview?
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    you should ask RPR just to be sure. and you shud do it as soon as possible cause i think the authentication process of High school documents take a few weeks to finish... i dont know... im not sure.
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