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I am currently a 3rd year nursing student studying in UPHR-Las Pinas. I need help researching for information about Military Nursing in the Philippines. Can anyone please these questions for me?... Read More

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    what is the exam all about? Hope somebody will response to my question. I really want to be a military nurse.
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    military nurses can get deployed anywhere and everywhere, especially if youre new. keep that in mind

    did a year of rle in v luna a few years back, the charge nurse in my ward, age 40-yish came to work in wrinkled (i mean absolutely wrinkled) uniform.
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    Good day! if you have queries related to application in the Nurse Corps, AFP, please call up the Office of the Chief Nurse (OTCN), located in 2nd floor of Bulwagang Valdez, Camp gen emilio Aguinaldo, quezon City. The line number is 911-7902. They will be able to provide you with the details regarding the application and other info. Or you could visit the website at, although it hasn't been updated yet.

    Please refrain from stereotyping - that there is a "backer system" in the appointment of Nurse Corps officers. The applicants go through many screening procedures. Those who fail in the exam, as of now, will not be allowed to retake since there are so many pending applicants. Those who pass the exam will be scheduled for a prescreening interview and will eventually be instructed to undergo a physical examination at AFPMC. Passing the medical exam is not a guarantee that one would be called to undergo training. Applicants will still be deliberated and then they will undergo the PFT (physical fitness test). the application process to commission in the NC is a long process (1.5 - 2 yrs) especially now that there are a lot of applicants. the advisable thing to do is while you are processing or waiting for application, you undergo OJT or contractual jobs, that is if you really would want to pursue a career in the NC.

    If you want to enter the Nurse Corps, please reflect on what you really want in life. It's true that it offers a lot of benefits (financial, education, training, and a lot more) but service above self will be required of a Nurse corps officer. this is not an understatement. Being in the service has its ups and downs. But if you really are intent on being in the field of military nursing, the first thing that you would do is to know where u really should find info about it (see above). be sure that you meet all the requirements (important to note: ht requirement for females is 5 ft, for men 5'4" ft.; board rating of above 80% although those with below 80% may be allowed to take the 100item exam if they have good grades in college --cum laude, etc; grade of eyegalsses should not exceed 75). And please avoid asking other people the coverage of the exam, if you want to pass the exam and the interview, you STUDY and pray. By the way, the exam for applicants with 80% board rating is a 35-item exam, not 15. And please, when you go to the OTCN, please be in appropriate attire (smart casual or corporate attire). Many of nurses go there as if they don't really know what they're doing there (read:inappropriate attire and behavior). go to the otcn on office hours (a lot of applicants come during lunch time or after 1700H) which shows disrespect to the persons in the office. please create a good impression to your future employer.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. hope this helps.
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    Thank you for your lengthy message.. i am interested to join the military.. i just want to be clear.. 1.5-2 years is the application process? you mean, if i will apply now, it will take about to years to know if i was hired?
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    I'm really glad that I stumbled upon this thread..i have below 80% board rating and I was afraid I will not be able to enter the corps bcoz of ths.i think I'm not that dumb to get that kind of rating.i really wanted it to be higher but I was not able to take rview classes due to a financial crisis.i didn't even hve books to study on.and worse,i spent most of my time working in a call center.i just relied on stored knowledge that my school has gven me,which was not really that awarding due to lack of competency.see I really want this job.and i was so freaked out when someone told me I can't pursue it due to my rating.but now I'm really happy to find out that it's not really impossible.i just hve to pass the 100-item test.and the 'rating' problem is solved.this s my only concern.i think I can handle the rest of the qualification tests.wish me luck guys..
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    Quote from Doza
    military nurses can get deployed anywhere and everywhere, especially if youre new. keep that in mind

    did a year of rle in v luna a few years back, the charge nurse in my ward, age 40-yish came to work in wrinkled (i mean absolutely wrinkled) uniform.
    Hi! Mine was different. For 2 years, we had to salute to the officials (calling them just Sir/Ma'am is a sign of irreverence) and make sure that our uniforms are not wrinkled and our white shoes remain at their whitest. Whew!
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    thank you
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    hello does anybody here from afp nurse corps describe the life in military nursing? the initial physical training.. etc., thanks
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    i would like to hear the same thing as well king1srael.
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    Thanks for posting this very informative details! Kudos to all aspiring military nurses like me:-)

    P.S. Would anybody mention some of the physical trainings?
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    is it true that they accept nurses with below 80% board rating? true is that?