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Metropolitan Medical Center currently hiring staff nurses

  1. 0 Hi! For those interested, just this morning I heard from a newly hired staff nurse in Metropolitan Medical Center that the hospital is currently hiring staff nurses. Sadly, I can't apply there for personal reasons.

    Do any of you know other hospitals there in Manila or QC that are also currently hiring staff nurses without undergoing months of volunteer training prior to employment? Kindly inform me please.

    By the way, my informant said the give preference to chinese applicants.
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    yes that's true. they've been posting their ad regarding that job since last year. my friend actually tried to apply to that hospital. they just accept the resumes at the hospital's hrd department.
    i don't think there are hospitals here in qc that offers immediate employment for nurses. you really have to undergo their training program, unless you know "someone" from the hospital that can help you to have work there. its a sad reality you know.
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    and what are the requirements?
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    hi... may i ask? how long should it take before they contact the applicant for interview or test? any replies would be appreciated. thanks! :-)
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    well my friend told me he waited for about 4 - 6 mos. only
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    sorry about the requirements, i didn't ask them
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    thanks for your reply, naughtymakulet.. im hoping my application will be noticed. i mailed them my forms last january..

    bibolen, try looking for the list of the hospital requirements in the search field. just type hospital requirements. then browse through it. im not sure if it's updated but at least, it's worth a try, right?
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    What is the employment process for this hospital? Are there trainings to undergo first? What exams will be taken (e.g. Grammar, then Nursing Exam)? Then, after which will there be a chance of possible hiring?
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    requirements? Just bring the usual. I passed mine last january... but I forgot exactly what those are. Again, just bring your CV and other supporting documents. There are no special requirements after all, so you don't have to worry.
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    Quote from naughtymakulet
    well my friend told me he waited for about 4 - 6 mos. only
    4-6 months before the hospital contacted him?? or 4-6 mos before he actually got hired?? Do you happen to know how long he waited to be contacted after he passed his applications?? Thanks!
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    r they accepting e-mail resume'
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    i passed my requirements in the HR last august and i haven't got any call or txt from them.. A friend of mine is a staff nurse there but i didn't heard any exams given to them. Actually aside from "chinese" thing, you must have "backer" such as doctor or supervisors. If your a girl make sure your pretty enough to be notice! trust me, BOARD RATING DOESN'T MATTER. all you need is good looks and a "backer".