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Hi! I'm a nuby here:) I would like to know, if there are students like me or graduates of LPN at Kennedy Global School. I really wanted to hear more about this school and the experiences.... Read More

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    As far as IL, you aren't going to get very far as IL requires that a prospective licensee who was internationally educated to hold a license in the country where they were educated. (first page of this document, in bold, red capital letters "YOU MUST BE LICENSED IN COUNTRY FROM WHICH YOU RECEIVED YOUR NURSING EDUCATION." http://www.idfpr.com/Renewals/apply/FORMS/CGFNS_02.pdf)

    This is required whether the nurse is endorsing a license form another state or applying for license by examination, it is my understanding that there is no exception or waiver to this rule. Since the Philippines does not recognize or offer a practical nursing license, those who are educated in a practical nursing program overseas in the Philippines cannot meet this requirement. The solutions are 1. to take a practical nursing program that is approved by the IL BoN, 2. practice in a state that does not require one to hold a license from the country of education, or 3. see if the credentials from this school are sufficient to attend a LPN-RN bridge (likely not in IL as nearly all LPN-RN programs require you to hold an active LPN license in the state where you will complete your clinical rotations)

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