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Hi! I'm a nuby here:) I would like to know, if there are students like me or graduates of LPN at Kennedy Global School. I really wanted to hear more about this school and the experiences.... Read More

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    Quote from sundeantho
    It a shame that people run their mouth and dont think that opportunity should be given to others they are so closeminded. their life is just a one way thing dead to exploring knowlegde beyond what they think shoukd be the stand. Let keep in mind that the best nurses are not only produced in America. At least i know someone who is a student of KGSB she a better LVN than some that had their education here in the States. If she was not well trained should would not have passed the NCLEX yet you have some that have been taking it and have failed many times but they had their eduction here. lol!!!!!!!!!!! stop running down any school because it does not carries the american logo. let focus on the passion each pass carries into the field. They Phillipine may not have all the tech that makes the work easy but they take pride in doing manually and correctly. that is a plus.
    Why don't you ask where the owners of these Kennedy schools are from and why they didn't start the school in the US? The owner is from the US so not putting down Philippine schools. Before running someone's mouth, perhaps it is better to do research? Did they, or did they not tell Californians to apply to W VA and then apply for endorsement back to CA? Why would a school do that? Why wouldn't the school just be truthful and tell you their program isn't accepted in CA? If you wish to go to a school that isn't truthful, that is your perogative however, as a possible future patient, I hope I don't have a nurse trained from this school.
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    Hi I just registered here for my wife who passed graduated from Kennedy Global School this year and had a Florida License as LPN, now the issue is the reciprocity here in Illinois.She still cant function as LPN since they questioned the validity of KGS since their is no Licensure exam made in the Phils. All her applications were on hold and we are just hoping for miracle thats after all the conferrences in TESDA and KGS will work ..CGFNS mostly accepted the application only they waited the final records from TESDA then Il board.Sucks that they also hold her application for temporary license.....How about you did you get your Illionios license? One person the KGS made an example was lucky to get her last year......can you help us of what else we can do. They should not recruite students from Ill.I even recommended a puerto rican to enrol the program and shes almost done....She need to boast her morale......I feel bad about her excitement and now its all gone. I even offer we need to move to Florida inorder to practice LPN...to what to expect and wha we are gonna do..( Apollo here )
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    As far as IL, you aren't going to get very far as IL requires that a prospective licensee who was internationally educated to hold a license in the country where they were educated. (first page of this document, in bold, red capital letters "YOU MUST BE LICENSED IN COUNTRY FROM WHICH YOU RECEIVED YOUR NURSING EDUCATION." http://www.idfpr.com/Renewals/apply/FORMS/CGFNS_02.pdf)

    This is required whether the nurse is endorsing a license form another state or applying for license by examination, it is my understanding that there is no exception or waiver to this rule. Since the Philippines does not recognize or offer a practical nursing license, those who are educated in a practical nursing program overseas in the Philippines cannot meet this requirement. The solutions are 1. to take a practical nursing program that is approved by the IL BoN, 2. practice in a state that does not require one to hold a license from the country of education, or 3. see if the credentials from this school are sufficient to attend a LPN-RN bridge (likely not in IL as nearly all LPN-RN programs require you to hold an active LPN license in the state where you will complete your clinical rotations)